Simon Beattie. Short List 1. My first printed catalogue.
  May 2010
Folio, pp. 26, [2]; self-wrappers. New.
'If you have not got a copy of Beattie Short List 1, get it at once' (The Book Collector, Autumn 2010, p. 462).

Short List 1 was my first printed catalogue. Here's what people said:

'Very stylish and distinctive and full of interesting books.'

'Your catalogue is fabulous, am speechless.'

'I think your first catalogue is the most innovative and exciting piece of book selling literature that I have ever seen.'

'It’s stunning! Three of us gathered around to ooooo and aaaaah when it arrived.'

'You’ve brought antiquarian booksellers’ catalogues into the 21st century.'

'This one gets my vote for "Most Creative Catalog Design I’ve Seen In A Long Time". And the books rock.'

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