[MACLEAN.] Pen-and-ink family tree drawn as a thistle. Presumably England, 1820s.
Single leaf (245 x 193 mm) of Whatman paper (‘Turkey Mill 1821’); pen-and-ink drawing with verso blank, edges lightly browned; sometime disbound.
In a nod to their Scottish roots, the Maclean family here present their family tree as a ‘family thistle’, their names written on the plant’s leaves. Each in a different hand, the names read clockwise: Jane Maclean; D. Maclean; John George Maclean; Margaret Ann Maclean; Jane Sibella Maclean; Donald James Maclean; Wm. Henry Maclean. Several have ‘Stanley House’ written underneath. The smallest leaf, on the bottom left, had a later name added in pencil (‘Charlie’?), but has been since erased. The family lived in the village of King’s Stanley, Gloucestershire: Donald [Maclean] of Stanley House in the county of Gloucester, merchant in London; he married Jane, daughter of George Brown, esq., of London, and has four sons and four daughters; viz., John George. Donald James, an officer in the Indian army, who died at Barrackpore in the East Indies on the 29th July 1837, in the 20th year of his age, sincerely regretted. William Henry. Charles Edward. Margaret Anne, married to Peter Leversage of Gloucestershire, esq. Jane Sibella, Anna, and Catherine Octavia (An Historical and Genealogical Account of the Clan Maclean, London, 1838, pp. 278–9).
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