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Posted on 3rd September 2010 by simonbeattie

The Year 4338 (4338-i god in Russian), written by Prince Vladimir Odoevsky, is credited with containing the earliest description of blogging, in 1840.  The first appearance in print of any part of the story was in the St Petersburg almanac Utrennaia zaria [“Daybreak”], but the whole thing wasn’t published until 1926.  It’s a rare book.  And it’s the just the sort of book I like.

After ten years working for Bernard Quaritch, “London’s most venerable bookshop” (Financial Times), I set up on my own as an antiquarian bookseller in January 2010, specialising in European cultural (and cross-cultural) history.  I read German and Russian at Exeter University, where I also sang in the Cathedral Choir.  I then stayed on for another year, studying for an MA in Lexicography.  Germany, Russia, music, language – these are all themes you will see in the things I have for sale, but my goal is always to offer material which is rare, interesting, and curious, things you’ve never seen before, the books you never knew you wanted.

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