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Posted on 9th July 2013 by simonbeattie

I’ve always been drawn to books which require some action on the part of the reader (witness the French magazine you could listen to on a record player), or books which have been created or altered in some way for posterity (such as volumes of early nineteenth-century feuilletons or the 1738 Lutheran best-seller cut into loose leaves and put in a leather box).  Here’s something which, in a way, does both.

Published in about 1960, it’s the story of the Cuban Revolution, 1933–1959, told through 320 coloured estampas that children were to paste into blank printed spaces in the book.  This copy is complete, with all its required estampas.

The preface states that ‘Libertad o muerte is a different kind of historical account.  Not just because of its format, but for its unbiased objectivity … dispensing with cheap sensationalism and sheer commerce …’, that it is a ‘fount of knowledge for children’ and a useful reference for adults.

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  1. Mischka Capriles says:

    Hello, my name is Mischka, I am doing a project on Cuban graphic design between 1959 and 1970s. I currently looking for magazine and book covers and found this fascinating. Do yo happen to know who designed it? I would love to see any more stuff you have or know about graphic design in Cuba around this time.. Posters, stamps, records, covers or any interesting items.

    Best regards,

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