A happy couple

Posted on 16th April 2014 by simonbeattie

I like this pair: two copies of a rare piece of occasional verse, printed in 1768 in Naumburg (a pretty town on the river Saale, between Weimar and Leipzig) by local pastor Carl Gottlob Kümmelmann, on the occasion of the wedding of Ferdinand Ludwig von Hausen, valet de chambre at the court in Gotha, and Caroline Dietricken Louyse von Zehmen, from an old Saxon family.

Each measures 325 × 192 mm, but one copy is printed on fine paper, with the names on the title overprinted in gilt and then bound in gilt wrappers; the second copy, clearly for lower-ranking guests, is printed on normal paper.

Booksellers often say books are rare.  But these really are: I can’t locate another copy, in either printing, anywhere.

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