The book as weapon

Posted on 11th June 2014 by simonbeattie

During the 1960s, Uwe Wandrey (b.1939) was involved with the group Hamburg Linksliterarisch and the APO (Extra-Parliamentary Opposition movement), opposing the Emergency Acts (Notstandgesetze) of 1968 and the Vietnam War.  He was also active as a political songwriter, founding his own publishing house, Quer-Verlag, to help support the cause.  This little book, Kampfreime (‘combat rhymes’), published in 1968 in a ‘handy combat edition [62 × 117 mm] fitted with sharp edges for the phase of revolutionary resistance’, comprises two-line slogans to be used at political protests, ‘for banners, walls, notice boards, fences, placards, flyers, wall newspapers, blackboards, and for chanting.’  The binding is equally ready for the revolution.

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