Countdown to California

Posted on 18th January 2019 by simonbeattie

Ladies and gents, the countdown has begun!

If you follow us on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook you might be wondering why we’ve been posting photos of wobbly toys and flamboyant Italian men. The answer is, of course, because we can, but it is also because we are in love with one of our recent acquisitions: an art nouveau-influenced card game by the incomparable Florentin Garraux.

Garraux (1859-1950) was a Swiss painter best known for his miniatures, bookplates, vignettes, and in particular his unique ‘Künstler-Postkarten’ which he drew for his friends. Here he has created a complete card game along the lines of the British game ‘Happy Families’, with 100 exquisite original illustrations.

There are 25 sets of 4 cards, each with its own unique theme. Humour meets art nouveau in a delightful, and oftentimes unexpected, way in Garraux’s work, and we are excited to include it in our offerings for the 2019 California Antiquarian Book Fair.

To see the rest of the sets and the stunning matching vellum box (also painted by Garraux), keep on eye on our social media as we continue our countdown, or email us for a copy of the fair list.

See you in sunny California!
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