3 things we learned from #giltypleasures week

Posted on 5th July 2019 by simonbeattie

As some of you have already gleaned from social media, we have been actively indulging our love of brocade paper with the hashtag #giltypleasures and encouraging others to do the same. As I write this blog post, just about 30 different institutions, booksellers, and collectors have taken part across all platforms. We’ve had a blast, and thought, as it’s Friday, it might be nice to do a quick 3-point roundup of what we’ve learned:

1. Brocade papers are super diverse. It’s not all flowers and pomegranates, although we certainly love a good pomegranate, as our Instagram will attest. There’s been a great representation of all kinds of themed brocades this week, such as Ben Kinmont’s offering on Facebook of an 18th cent. brocade by Paul Reymund depicting people in different trades.

2. There are a lot more bronze varnish papers out there than we expected. Seriously, who knew? As one of the earlier decorated papers, bronze varnish was fairly quickly phased out of use when brocade paper hit the scene, but we’ve enjoyed how many of you have been sharing examples this week.

And, finally:

3. People don’t know how to spell the word ‘guilty’. I’m not going to explain this one, just go ahead and search #giltypleasures on Instagram. You will be greeted by plenty of hen parties and photos of people’s food.

Thanks to everyone who took part in #giltypleasures week. One of the best parts of this job is being able to discover new collections and institutions, and this hashtag has definitely helped us to do that. We’re going to keep it going, and use the #giltypleasures hashtag every time we post a new brocade to our socials. We hope you’ll join us!

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