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Posted on 20th June 2012 by simonbeattie

Annie Besant’s The Riddle of Life (1911) here receives ‘oriental’ treatment from a German book designer, and a patent binding.  The German version came out in three editions: ‘Ausgabe A’ (i.e. this one), printed on better quality paper, and bound in dark brown wrappers; ‘Ausgabe B’, on Japanese paper and bound in marbled blue wrappers; ‘Ausgabe C’, a Volksausgabe (popular edition), came out in 1914.

Pieper’s Ring-Verlag, founded in 1908 to further the cause of theosophy (and not to be confused with the later neoconservative Ring Verlag in Berlin which served Arthur Moeller van den Bruck’s Ring Movement) ran until 1935, when its entire stock was confiscated by the Gestapo.

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