Unrecorded ‘wedding newspapers’

Posted on 12th September 2019 by simonbeattie

Who doesn’t love a good wedding? And, more importantly, who doesn’t love a good party favour? Here’s a fun party favour of sorts we’ve recently stumbled across, and included in our latest e-list: the Hochzeitszeitung, or ‘wedding newspaper’.

It is a genre of occasional printing found in German-speaking countries. Normally they are bespoke, something to which friends and family might contribute anecdotes about the happy couple which are then turned into a ‘newspaper’ to be distributed among the wedding guests. The internet is full of tips for making them. Curiously, the publication offered here is generic, and appears to have been something one could buy for handing out at weddings, rather than as a template for what one might include in one’s own Nuptial News. (A potential bibliographical headache is that, when they have a number, they are all ‘Vol. I, No. 1’, although the publishers do appear to have marked them, maybe for their own identification, by means of a hand-stamped number in the upper corner and letterpress signature at the foot of the first page.)

We have been unable to locate it in any of the usual databases. Where there is an imprint, it is Heineck in Dresden. Offered with the Zeitung in our e-list are a variety of occasional pieces, presumably for handing out at a wedding: slipsongs, two rounds for singing, a leaf of ‘table rules’, an illustrated marriage certificate written in Saxon dialect, and another official-looking lithographed marriage document.

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