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Posted on 25th October 2019 by simonbeattie

October is drawing to a close, which means here in Chesham we are inundated with fireworks (for Diwali) as well as book fair preparation (for the Boston fair). Equally exciting, but the latter is perhaps more pertinent to this blog.

This year we are bringing some fantastic things, including an apparently unrecorded book; privately printed by the Berlin architect Franz Ahrens in 1914, it documents his travels across America.

Franz Ahrens and his wife aboard a ship, en route to America.

In a trip which lasted almost three months, they took in New York, Albany, Buffalo, Niagara Falls, Chicago, Denver, Colorado Springs, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Pasadena, the Grand Canyon, San Antonio, New Orleans, then through Alabama and the Carolinas to Washington, DC, before finally returning to New York. We are offering the book with a second copy, bound in calf, inscribed by Ahrens to his children (or perhaps a child and their spouse), and extra-illustrated with 170 original photographs, with printed captions, 25 colour postcards, and other cuttings.

To find out more about Ahrens, and all of the other books we will be bringing to the Boston fair, stay tuned for our fair list!

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