Posted on 20th May 2020 by simonbeattie

As many will know, ephemera has been an interest of mine since I set up the business (ten years ago this year!). Recently, I discovered a genre of which I was previously unaware: fancy printed greetings cards from eighteenth-century Germany, using colour and silk.

Here is a New Year’s card, the etching printed in blue, within which a small poem, printed on silk, has been inset:

And here is another, this time hand-coloured, but again with a printed silk inlay showing through the cut window in the card:

This is one of my favourites: a Mother’s Day card, helpfully dated by the sender and inscribed ‘An meine liebe Mama’:

The verse here is shorter, and may perhaps be rendered in English as something along the lines of:

By motherly instinct often stirred

You gave me proofs of love preferred.

To hold these dear, this to impart,

Will long delight my childish heart.

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