Bowling nights in 1880s New York

Posted on 17th September 2012 by simonbeattie

This is the first edition of Kegel-Reime (‘Bowling Rhymes’) by Dr Richard W. Müller, published in New York in 1886: a collection of German verse brought out as part of the 10th anniversary celebrations held by the Centennial Kegel-Club of the Deutsche Liederkranz von New York, describing particular bowling nights from the 1880s.  The 24 plates depict members of the Club preparing to bowl, with captions in either German or English.

All-American ten-pin bowling has its origins in the various bowling games introduced by Dutch, English and German immigrants to the country at different times.  Though it is apparently a myth that the ten-pin game came about to circumvent certain laws banning ninepins, which by the middle of the nineteenth century had associations of gambling and crime, it certainly seems true that ten-pin bowling managed to become more respectable.

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  1. mike simonds says:

    I have a copy of the book kegel-reime that I have been trying to find information on. My book is hard cover, author R.W. Mueller, printed by druck von gustav lauter in ny in 1891. the book is printed in german and has autographs from Hermann Kayser and Rudolph Engelhard dated may 25,1895. possibly has a third autograph but I cant read the writing. any help or thoughts on where to research would be greatly appreciated.

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