Posted on 5th March 2021 by simonbeattie

Trying to promote one’s music during a global pandemic is not the easiest thing in the world: choirs are mostly not functioning, and choral directors have been on furlough, or are busy trying to work out how best to proceed in line with current restrictions. So I was excited to receive the following e-mail this week:

It is with great enthusiasm that I write to inform you of the acceptance of your score, Remember Me, into the prestigious PROJECT : ENCORE™ Catalog of choral compositions. The review of each score by three noted conductors results in just over a 50% acceptance rate, so this acceptance is a significant endorsement by some of the leading conductors worldwide. Congratulations!

PROJECT : ENCORE has been running since 2009, and seeks to help choral composers find new audiences, and choirs, who may be interested in their work, by offering ‘a highly visible and accessible platform for new, post-premiere choral work that has been expertly evaluated as being of exceptional merit.’ Remember me was the first piece I had ever submitted to P:E, so I was doubly pleased for it to be selected. If you’d like to listen to the piece yourself, you can do so here:

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  1. Mary Person says:

    Dear Simon,

    Belated thanks for this recording of your composition. I found it very beautiful and moving, and have listened to it multiple times.

    (And congratulations on being accepted by Project Encore!)

    All the best,

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