German printing in London

Posted on 27th May 2021 by simonbeattie

I’ve always been interested in English printing abroad, or foreign-language printing in the UK. Here’s a nice example of the latter, from 1769 (rare, too; I presume it must have been printed in limited numbers):

The author, Carl Gottfried Woide (1725–1790), who hailed from Leszno (German Lissa) in Poland, served as preacher to both the Dutch chapel royal in St James’s Palace, and the German Reformed Church in the Savoy; he also translated the Book of Common Prayer into German, for settlers to Nova Scotia, in 1771 (Das allgemeine Gebetbuch).  This poem appears to have been printed soon after his arrival in London, perhaps to distribute to fellow German Poles who had known the deceased.  An Egyptian scholar, Woide went on to become assistant librarian to the British Museum (1782), and worked on a number of publishing projects, funded by the Museum (see Oxford DNB).

For more details, see my catalogue on Anglo-German Cultural Relations.

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