Old books, new books (and new music)

Posted on 14th October 2021 by simonbeattie

Attentive readers will have noticed that there was no blogpost last week. I was in York, teaching at YABS, the York Antiquarian Book Seminar: three-and-a-half days talking about books and bookselling to some wonderfully engaged students keen to know more. It’s always an enjoyable few days, and this year particularly so as going away to an in-person event actually made things feel normal again.

Books and biscuits: that’s how we roll.

This week has been busy, too. I submitted a book I’ve been working on to Pushkin Press, which I’m excited about: my first translation for them. They produce such lovely books so I’m really looking forward to working with them and, of course, seeing the finished book when it’s published next year.

My other news is that not that long ago I received my first commission as a composer: from Matthew Owens at Belfast Cathedral. As with Pushkin Press, I really look forward to working with Matthew and the Cathedral Choir on the new piece. Watch this space!

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